Range Rover Engine Problems

by Will Gish
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Like any specialty vehicle, the Range Rover has its share of engine particularities. As a hybrid vehicle, the Range Rover can’t tell if it’s meant to be cruising suburban streets or hauling tail across the Serengeti. Because the engine of the Range Rover is built for both, extended use in either mode can result in strain on the engine and a number of problems.

Alternator Problems

Online Range Rover resource Rangerover.net reports that Range Rovers of all makes begin to experience alternator trouble after 100,000 miles. Problems related to improper alternator performance include erroneous ignition light warnings, tachometer failure, and awkward transmission shifting. The worst cases of alternator failure can result in the engine misfiring, cutting out, or stumbling during driving. Luckily for Range Rover owners, alternators can be easily rebuilt or replaced by mechanics. A belt-tensioning bracket can be used to ease tension on the alternator, which will lesson future problems with the engine.

Overheating Problems

Both Range and Land Rovers have problems with overheated engines. Causes of overheated Rover engines are many. Faulty temperature gauge parts are sometimes to blame, as are thermostats that get stuck to the machinery of the engine. Radiators on Range Rovers can become blocked, thus permitting their functionality and overheating the engine. Other causes of overheating include a corroded engine block, a faulty viscous coupling on the water pump, and gasses produced by over tightened bolts during the engine torque sequence.

Ignition Problems

Range Rovers experience a number of ignition problems due to various failures of the engine parts. Ignition Leads must be regularly replaced by Range Rover owners to avoid ignition problems. The Ignition Amplified Module on the Range Rover has been known to send faulty magnetic signals that cause the engine to stall. A simple ignition problem results when the screws on the vacuum advance module come loose and knock around the engine. The Ignition Pickup Module and Rotor Arm Stuck also cause engine problems.

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