How to Pull a Trailer With an Equinox

by Alexis Lawrence
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If you have something you need to haul, you can do so by renting or buying a trailer. A variety of towing trailers have been created to haul equipment, furniture, animals, and many other large items behind your vehicle. Like many SUVs, the Chevy Equinox has the power and body required to pull a trailer. If you want to pull a trailer with an Equinox though, you should take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Step 1

Get a tow package installed on your Equinox. If you did not have a tow package at the time of purchase, and prefer not to go through the dealer where you bought your Equinox, you can get a tow package installed at a truck rental place, such as U-Haul (see Resources). If you want to install your own tow package, you can order a tow kit online at retailers like etrailer or Suspension Connection (see Resources).

Step 2

Tow no more than 3,500 pounds with your Equinox. This is the maximum towing capacity for the Equinox, according to the Chevrolet website. The 3,500-pound capacity includes the weight of the trailer and all of the trailer's contents, so make sure you note the weight of the trailer when you buy or rent it and weigh all items as you add them to the cargo.

Step 3

Make the connection between the trailer's tongue, or part that connects to the hitch, and the Equinox tow hitch. Make sure you also connect the wiring harness installed with your tow hitch to the harness on the trailer, which hooks up the trailer's lights.

Step 4

Use safety chains between the Equinox and the trailer as well. Safety chains should be connected to the vehicle's undercarriage and the body of the trailer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's guide on towing a trailer, wrap the chains around the tongue of the trailer to prevent the tongue from hitting the pavement in case of accidental disconnection from the Equinox hitch.

Drive extra carefully. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guide advises drivers pulling a trailer to lower their driving speeds to give them more room to safely stop and to downshift when traveling on hills.

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