My PT Crusier Won't Start

by David Montoya
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Car models seem to get more complicated as the years go by, especially car models with unique designs like the PT Cruiser. The new technology implemented in these cars is helpful, but can also act as a deterrent to learning some car basics. How could you possibly understand this complex machinery? The truth is that there are still some simple things you can diagnose the next time your car runs into problems. One common problem you can try to solve is when your PT Cruiser won't start.

Step 1

Turn your wheels to the forward position if your key won't turn to start the engine. Turning your wheels to the far right or left can cause pressure to build in the steering column. This can actually block your key from turning.

Step 2

Turn your ignition on and see if any dashboard lights go on (i.e. gas light, check engine light, and so forth). If not, the most likely culprit is a dead battery. The engine in your PT Cruiser uses the power in the battery to start the ignition. Without adequate battery power, the car won't start.

Step 3

Turn your key and listen for a clicking sound. This sound can indicate one of two problems: a dead battery or a bad starter. A dead battery is the cause of the engine problems if you notice that no lights in the car go on when you turn the ignition. If the your lights do turn on, a bad starter is likely the issue.

Step 4

Listen for loud, unusual sounds from your engine when you try to start it. If your PT Cruiser is able to start momentarily and then die, feel for sharp jerking. These symptoms are usually an indication of a lack of fuel in the tank. You may think it would be fairly careless of you to not fill up your tank, but it could be the case that your fuel gauge is not operating correctly.

Step 5

Look at your dashboard and see if your oil pressure icon is on. This sign means that your car does not have enough oil in the engine. Do not attempt to start your car if you see this light on. A lack of oil can cause severe damage to your engine.

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