Problems With Ford F250 Diesels

by Steve Johnson

Ford has manufactured vehicles for over 100 years. Being one of the pioneers in the industry, they continue to maintain their top spot and still manufacture the world's best-selling vehicle model---the Ford F-Series. These pickup trucks have changed in design over the years, but since the 1990s have been available in several models---such as the F-150, F-250, and F-350. Diesel versions of the trucks are manufactured as well. The downside to using modern technology in vehicles is that sometimes problems occur, resulting in multiple recalls, such as in the case of the Ford F-250 diesel truck.

Fuel System

The last F-250 diesel recall performed by Ford was in 2008. Over 64,000 F-250 and 350 4x4 pickups were recalled due to the drive shaft not complying with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 301. During a crash in excess of 30 miles per hour, a frontal impact could have resulted in the fuel tank contacting the frame cross member. This potential threat made a fuel spill more likely and in the presence of a spark, a fire could have resulted.

Air Bags

Sometimes, issues don't involve thousands of vehicles, but only a few. Such was the case with 45 Ford F-250s that failed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 208, resulting in a recall of these pickup trucks. The problem lay in the installation of the driver's-side air bags, which made deployment less likely, posing an increase in risk for the driver during a crash.

Seat Frame

One of the common problem areas in vehicles are seat-welding joints, which, when faulty, place the driver or occupants at risk during a crash. In 2008, 87,000 Ford pickups--including F-250 diesels--were recalled due to the welds on the joints of the seat pivot bracket, as well as the welds on the back frame. The problem made cracking or breaking of these welds more likely during high-stress events involving the joints.

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