How to Pass a Driving Test

by braniac

Passing a driving test can be a terrifying and dauting experience. While some people get it right on their first try, others need a few times to get it right.

Practice good interview skills. A driving test is essentially an interview, so make good eye contact, make an effort to have a firm handshake, and act confident. Making your evaluator think you know what you're doing might just make them a little more lenient on you.

Don't look over at your evaluator to see what they're doing. Focus on your driving. Buckle seat belt, check mirrors, look around, start the car, and go. Don't take to long to back out and get going because it'll make a bad first impression.

Try to find out where you're going ahead of time so you can anticipate turns and such.

GO the speed limit since they can be sticklers about it.

Drive with both hands on the steering wheel and always come to a complete stop. Don't give them a chance to deduct points.

Remember for parking on slopes, its wheels away from curb on uphill and toward on downhil. Try remembering up up and away.


  • check It's okay to be nervous, so try imagining you're not taking a test but you're cruising with your friend instead.

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