How to pass your car theory test

by Bigfoot

Many learner drivers have difficulty overcoming the first obstacle of the driving test called "The Car Theory Test". Many people fail taking it whereas most giften learner drivers are already familiar and reasonably knowledgeable about the skills and rules needed to be complied when driving that will enable them to become safe drivers. Here are a few steps or guidelines that will enable learner drivers to be confident enough in passing the theory test first time

Revise a few of the topics on the DSA Theory Test Kit but most importantly take the mock theory test several times as the multiple choice area will be the most important part of the theory test and passing this sector is your main priority. In light of the many unexpected questions that might appear on the real test, it is important to continue retaking the mock theory test on the DSA test kit rather than continously revising each topic in order to obtain a reasonable amount of knowledge on each area. Take the mock theory test

After taking an overview of the test review, make a note of weak topics you are not strong on and retake the mock theory test until the answers store in your mind. Make constant reference to the Highway Code

Continue to retake the mock theory test until you more than 10 topics brought up on the mock theory test are green or above 90%. By this point you should be familiar with most of the questions and answers that will appear on the real theory test.

Do this every few days or so for an hour or two before your scheduled theory test date.

When you are confident enough you will pass the multiple choice area, you can now undertake revision of the Hazard Perception. Considering the nature of this area and the specific importance it holds when referring to the aspect of safe driving, it is an area that is most commonly ignored in terms of the car theory test itself, so a fair amount of learner drivers tend to fail under par with the minimum score of 45. The main idea of the Hazard Perception is to basically to click simulatenously with the clues shown to you.

There is always one or two main hazards in a clip but rather than waiting for each one to appear and risk clicking too late for each one completely and getting a 1 or even less, the idea is to click for each of the clues whether it is a traffic sign or pedestrian walking in the distance.

It is always helpful to click a few times at the start of each clip to be safe in case of being mislead into missing a hazard especially in clips where you are shown driving at night when hazards are the hardest to spot even signs.


  • check At the date of the car theory test, rather than take the lift to get up there quicker, take the stairs to clear your mind and go over anything that you may have missed
  • check At the date of your car theory test, stay calm and remain confident, if necessary have a snack and a drink a few hours prior to the test and arrive early
  • check Stay focused to prevent loss of any information

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