Parts That Can Make a Sea-Doo Faster

by Hans FredrickUpdated October 25, 2017
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The Sea-Doo aftermarket industry is perhaps not as thriving as the motorcycle or car equivalents, but there are still plenty of options out there for someone looking to get more power from their jet-ski. Switching certain key parts can increase speed and performance. Be careful after modifying your jet-ski, however, as the increased power also makes the machine more dangerous to handle.


As with all engines, having a proper performance exhaust system generates more power in your Sea-Doo. Make sure when purchasing an exhaust designed for more power that it also includes a proper muffler. A waterbox silencer is also important. Otherwise, you will find that your new exhaust has increased the power of your engine but at the cost of creating a much louder engine noise than you had previously.


The carburetor system of a Sea-Doo is a prime place to make modifications in order to get more speed out of your machine. Replacing the carburetor with a new performance model is one way to increase your basic engine power. However, you can also consider having your original carb modified or tuned by a company that specializes in performance watercraft in order to get more speed without swapping out the part entirely.

Compressor Wheel

Adding a new compressor wheel to your Sea-Doo is a method that you can use to improve every aspect of the machine's performance. A modification of this kind results in a quicker and faster machine. This means better acceleration at low speeds as well as increased overall speeds. This wheel increases the airflow to the engine to increase performance. The advantage of this modification is that it is also an easy one to make for the do-it-yourself mechanic.


Altering the impeller on a Sea-Doo can have various effects, so you can choose the right custom part to improve your Sea-Doo in the method that you want. Some impellers will increase the speed at which you can accelerate at different points in the range of the boat. Others will add less quickness at low speeds, but may offer a few extra miles per hour of top speed.

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