Pacemaker Yacht Specifications

by Jillian O'Keeffe
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Pacemaker made yachts from the 1960s to 1980. Its fibreglass models were some of the first made after the era of the wooden hull. Models were branded "Alglas" or "Alglas by Pacemaker" until 1971, when the boats went by the name "Pacemaker" alone.

25 Custom Sport Fisherman

Part of the Alglas group, the 25 was one of the first fibreglass boats made by Pacemaker. The open express hull has rounded bilges, a cabin, flybridge and a simple bow. Freeboard in front was three feet 10 inches and aft two feet 10 inches. Engines were Chrysler and Pacer with 210 to 250 horsepower (hp). Cruising speed was 18 knots and reached a top speed of 25 knots.

26 Alglas, or "Sprint"

This express or open style boat had a large cockpit and freeboard of three feet, 10 inches forward and three feet, one inch aft. The single engine was gasoline powered, with 260 to 340hp.

31 Sport Fisherman

The 31 Sport Fisherman Alglas came out as the Express Cruiser, the Flybridge, the lower helm Fisherman and the Sedan. The boat was powered by gasoline engines from Chrysler and Pacer of 210-250 hp, or Crusader diesel engines. Top speed was 21 to 28 knots with cruise speeds of 15 to 22 knots.

33 Sport Fisherman

The 33 Sport Fisherman Alglas came in the Flybridge model, Sedan, Express Cruiser or Sedan Sport Fisherman. The boat was powered by twin Chrysler or Pacer gas inboards of 210 to 250 hp or Crusader diesel engines. Top speed was 21 to 16 knots and cruise speed was 19 to 21 knots.

26 Wahoo

A Classic Pacemaker design, the 26 Wahoo was built from 1977 to 1980. It was an open boat with center console. The hull had hard chines, with a single inboard engine.


Pacemaker has an extensive Sportfisherman series, which came out in different lengths, from 26 feet to 48 feet. The bigger Sportfishermen, such as the 40 Sportfisherman, had two staterooms and a galley. Most Sportfishermen were powered by twin gasoline or diesel engines. Smaller Sportfishermen models were faster with top speeds of up to 25 knots, whereas the bigger boats compromised on speed, in favor of luxury and accommodation.

32 Flybridge Sedan and 33 Convertible

The 32 Flybridge was 32 feet long with a beam of 12 feet. Speed was 19 to 23 knots using twin 220 hp gasoline engines.

The C33 Convertible replaced the 32 Flybridge Sedan. The new design had a high flared bow, higher flybridge and cabin and a clear foredeck. Speed was the same as the 32 Flybridge Sedan at 19 to 23 knots using twin gas 350 hp Crusader engines.


Motoryachts were made by Pacemaker from 1971 to 1980. These were the 38 Motoryacht, MY40 Motoryacht, MY46, 57 Flybridge, 62 Flybridge and 66 Flybridge. All models had staterooms and galley with extra features added for each depending on length such as a center hallway leading to the aft cabin on the 66 Flybridge. Speeds for the motoryachts ranged from 15 to 24 knots.

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