How to Find Out If Someone Has a Driving License

by Kent Page McGroarty
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Finding out if someone has a driver's license requires completing a Request for Record Information form. You must have a specific reason for needing to obtain a copy of the license, such as for insurance purposes; pre-employment screening; criminal, civil, arbitral or administrative processing, and any other use specifically authorized by state law. If you do not have a specific legitimate reason for wanting a copy of someone's driver's license, you will not be able to obtain one.

Step 1

Print out a Request for Record Information form. Such forms can be obtained through your state's Department of Motor Vehicles website. You must have the name and birth date of the person you are requesting to correctly complete the form. Automated ($5 per record) and print copies ($20 per record) are available.

Step 2

Complete the form one of three ways: online and printed, printed and completed by hand or printed and completed by typewriter. Be sure to fill out your complete mailing address in the Record Subject's Mailing Label section so the information you need can be mailed to you, as well as your reason for requesting the information.

Step 3

Mail your completed form and appropriate fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the area where you are trying to find the license. If you are looking for someone in Sacramento, California, for example, you would mail the form and fee to their Department of Motor Vehicle's Public Operations, Unit-G199. Requests are reviewed as to the legitimacy of the reason for needing a copy of the license and that the fee has been submitted. If the person you are seeking does have a license, the information will be mailed to you.

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