Oil Additives to Help Compression

by Marc Krones
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Oil additives are used with base oil to enhance the benefits of lubrication in car engines. This includes helping to reduce friction, wear, corrosion and oxidation, all of which may contribute to compression problems. When a vehicle has compression problems, there is less engine power, reduced fuel economy, and the engine may also burn oil. There are oil additives formulated to help with compression problems in engines.


Ceramizer is added to oil to create a thicker, ceramic-metal layer between parts that reduces engine friction. The properties of Ceramizer make the layer thicker on worn spots in the engine than in less-worn areas, which helps restore the original geometric design of the engine. Restoring the dimensions returns the engine to its original parameters, so that the engine works more efficiently and better compression returns.

Restore Engine Restorer and Lubricant

Engine Restorer and Lubricant is made by Restore, and fills in and seals microscopic leaks in the cylinder wall. Once this is achieved, the compression ratio of all cylinders is restored to original levels, which increases engine power and fuel efficiency. Engine Restorer and Lubricant also removes dirt and sludge buildup in engines, and is compatible with any type of petroleum-based or synthetic oil.

STP Oil Treatment

STP Oil Treatment is a high-viscosity formula that provides a thicker cushion between moving engine parts, than in just using oil alone. Compression is increased in STP cars because the thicker layer both reduces metal-to-metal friction, and provides a better seal between the piston rings and the cylinder wall. STP Oil Treatment also contains detergents to help prevent sludge from accumulating.

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is used with either petroleum-based or synthetic oil, in both gasoline and diesel engines. The product helps return engine compression to original levels in two ways. One method focuses on chemical polymers that fill in scratches and grooves in cylinder walls, which returns engine dimensions to their original condition. The other frees sticking rings in piston grooves, allowing the rings to properly seal.

Lucas Heavy-Duty Oil Stabilizer

Adding Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stablizer during oil changes makes engine oil thicker, slicker, and able to withstand higher temperatures. Because the product provides a flexible seal between the cylinder walls and piston rings, the compression ratio is increased. That provides additional engine power and increases fuel efficiency. Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stablizer is used with any type of petroleum-based or synthetic oil.

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