How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Louisiana

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If you are a disabled resident of Louisiana, your disability must be certified by a physician in order to qualify for either the mobility impaired license plates or the mobility impaired hang-tag. There are several disability conditions which qualify you as mobility impaired in accordance with Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) rules. The disability must be classified by your physician as permanently impaired or as temporarily impaired. Read on to learn more.

Determine if your disability meets any of the conditions which qualify as disabilities under the rules of the Louisiana OMV. This includes temporary disabilities.

Download the Medical Examiner's Certification of Mobility Impairment form DPSMV 1966 which is necessary for obtaining either the mobility impaired license plates or the mobility impaired hang-tag. Complete the information pertaining to the applicant at the top of the form.

Provide the form to your physician for the certification of the disability including the classification of the disability as temporary or permanent. Temporary disabilities have a reasonable expectation of recovery. Permanent disabilities have little or no expectation of recovery.

Take the completed and certified form to your local Louisiana OMV for processing of the application. Temporary hang-tags are valid for one year and permanent hang-tags are valid for four years. Disability license plates are valid for two years. Fees are assessed for each type of permit.


  • check If you have lost a leg, or both hands, and are appearing in person at a local OMV office, you do not need the physician certification of the disability.

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