Nova Scotia Safety Inspection Requirements

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Nova Scotia requires that all vehicles purchased or registered within the province have a proper vehicle inspection. The Canadian province's requirements and regulations are different for each type of vehicle and situation.

Type 1 and 2 Vehicles

Nova Scotia assigns each vehicle to a number type so that it can better assess how often a vehicles needs inspection. Type 1 vehicles are cars and trucks that weigh under 4500 kg, personal trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles that people would normally use for personal activities. Type 2 vehicles are heavy machinery, large trucks and commercial vehicles used for hauling and delivering items. Most Type 2 vehicles would be best suited for businesses. These vehicles usually require much more frequent inspections than Type 1 vehicles.

New and Used Vehicles

New vehicles purchased from a licensed Nova Scotia car dealership will contain a motor vehicle inspection sticker. This sticker states that the vehicle was inspected under governmental laws and also contains an expiration date. This date is usually three years from the date the Type 1 vehicle was purchased. On Type 2 vehicles, the motor vehicle inspection sticker is valid for one year from the date the vehicle was purchased. On used vehicles bought at a dealership, Type 1 inspection stickers are good for two years from the time of purchase and Type 2 vehicles' stickers are good for one year.

Private-Party Vehicles

In a private-party transaction, either the owner or the buyer must obtain a proper vehicle inspection 30 days before the sale. In some cases the buyer may request to the government that he have the vehicle inspected up to 10 days after the purchases. Type 1 vehicles will have a two -ear inspection expiration, one year for Type 2 vehicles.

Vehicles from Outside Nova Scotia

Visitors' vehicles do not need an inspection. Vehicles that are going to be registered and titled in the province must obtain an inspection before the vehicle can legally receive a title. Type 1 vehicles will have a two-year expiration, Type 2 vehicles one year.

Exceptions to the Rule

Vehicles that do not require inspections are: antique vehicles, trucks that weigh more thanr 4500 kg but have a valid inspection from another province in Canada, passenger buses and mobile homes. You may legally drive any of those vehicles in Nova Scotia without inspections.

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