How to Notarize a Bill of Sale for a Car

by August Jackson J.D.
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When selling a car, the seller of the car makes a legal document, called a bill of sale, to the purchaser of the car. The bill of sale for a car lists the specific date, the specific location and the amount of money for which the seller sold the car. Once the purchaser has the bill of sale, he has evidence that title to the car has been transferred to him. Documents of public record, such as car titles, must be notarized. A notary public must follow certain procedures when notarizing a bill of sale for a car.

Step 1

Require that the person signing the bill of sale be present during notarization of the bill of sale. The person signing the bill of sale must be in the presence of the notary public if the notary public is to put her signature and seal on the document.

Step 2

Check the identity of the signer. Before the person signs the document, the notary public needs to make sure he is the person he says he is. If the notary public does not personally know the signer, she may identify the signer by requesting to see an authorized identification document. Most people have driver's licenses on-hand.

Step 3

Review the document, and determine whether the person has the authority to sign the bill of sale. If any spaces have been left blank, let the signer know that another person could fill those spaces in without permission after the bill of sale has been signed and notarized.

Step 4

Have the person sign the bill of sale in your presence.

Step 5

Affix your seal and signature to the bill of sale. A notary public should place the seal as close to his signature as possible without overlapping the signature.

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