Nissan Maxima GLE Vs. SE

by Andy Joseph
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During its fifth (1995 to 1999) and sixth (2000 to 2003) generations, the Nissan Maxima came in three trims. Two of these were the luxury-oriented GLE and the sporty SE.


The GLE and SE Maximas share the same V6 engines. The fifth-generation cars have 190 horsepower; the sixth generation have as much as 255 horses.


The SE comes with a standard five-speed manual transmission while the GLE has a four-speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission remained an option for the SE, though.

Safety Features

There is not much to distinguish between the GLE and SE in terms of safety features. The GLE got an additional keyless entry feature in the fifth generation, and the SE offered it as well by 2003.

Interior Features

Both four-seater mid-sized sedans, the GLE comes with a standard CD changer in later sixth-generation incarnations, while it remained an option in the SE. The GLE also had a subwoofer in its sound system.

Exterior Features

True to its firmer suspension and sporty inspiration, virtually all SEs have a spoiler and alloy wheels. The GLE also comes with alloys but offers the spoiler as an option.

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