How Much Should Car Brakes Cost?

by Jay Motes

Brake Pads and Shoes are Inexpensive

When cars are taken in for brake repairs the most commonly performed job is a replacement of brake pads or brake shoes. These parts are inexpensive and labor time should be about an hour. Replacement pads or shoes should be about $20 with the total cost being $100 or less in repair shop.

Costs Can Go Much Higher

Brake repair costs can add up.

Beyond a simple replacement of brake pads or shoes, other brake problems can add up. Brake rotors and drums, calipers, lines and the master cylinder each may need replacement at some point. Costs of more extensive repairs can easily reach $1,000.

Bottom Line

Regular maintenance of brakes can help to reduce damage to rotors, drums and other expensive parts. By using a trusted mechanic and keeping pads and shoes working properly these higher costs repairs can be avoided.

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