How Much Do New Struts Cost?

by Henri Bauholz
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If you have a car that has front-wheel drive, chances are you have struts on the front-end suspension. Struts are a combination of various front-end components that includes shock absorbers, coil spring, steering knuckles, spring seats and strut bearings.

Struts Identified

Struts are the connecting link between the upper strut bearing and the lower ball joint. Struts are usually gas charged, and they absorb the wear and tear of over-the-road travel. Over time struts wear out and need to be replaced. The front end of a vehicle should be examined by a professional mechanic before making a final decision.

Signs of Wear

Signs that your car might need new struts include bottoming out on bumps, cupped tire wear, swaying and obsessive bouncing. If you believe your struts are bad, you should have the vehicle checked by an experienced front-end or suspension mechanic. After struts are changed a new front wheel alignment is usually necessary.

Actual Cost

According to Cost Helper, replacing struts cost between $300 and $700, including the price of labor. If you have a luxury car the price goes up to between $700 and $1,000; and if that luxury car is a Lexus the cost can still rise even more.

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