How to Mix Epoxy Resin

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How to mix epoxy resin. Learn the basic information needed to mix epoxy resin used in composite fiberglass products and repairs.

Epoxy resins consist of two parts, a resin and a hardener. Often the resins are mixed in a 1:1 ratio, but sometimes the ratio is different. Epoxy resins can come in self dispensing tubes, but this article assumes you are mixing epoxy from separate containers. First you want to estimate how much epoxy resin you require for the project and repair. Keep in mind the epoxy will likely set-up in 5 minutes or so, depending on the ratio of hardener you mix in.

Next, read the label for the suggested ratio. Pour half the total amount of resin you expect to use in a container, it is best to use a disposable plastic bucket of some sort. Weigh the resin on a scale and take note.

Now, pour the necessary amount of hardener into another container. If the ratio is 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener, use a calculator to divide the weight of the resin in half. Pour less hardener then you think you will need, and then slowly add a little more until you reach the proper weight.

Once you have the correct amount of resin and hardener in each container, mix the two parts together. This is best done by slowly pouring the hardener into the resin. If you can pour with one hand, and mix with the other, great.

When the epoxy resin comes to a clear consistent color, it is ready to use.


  • check Look around the house for good containers that you can re-purpose for mixing epoxy.
  • check It's is best to keep detailed notes so you can look back and improve your skills.
  • check If you are working in a warm environment or want a longer time before the resin gets hard, use less hardener.
  • check Be sure to be ready to use the epoxy immediately after mixing.


  • close Be careful when mixing epoxy resin. The wrong amount can heat up and become dangerous.
  • close Always wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves.

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