How to Mix Car Paint Primer

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After a car has been stripped of its old paint and all the major body work is done, it's time to prime the car. Primer smooths the body surface of the car, keeps the steel body panels of the car together properly, and keeps the top coat of paint on. The primer needs to be mixed before application. Mixing car paint primer is a straightforward, simple process.

Double check to make sure you've done everything necessary to prepare your car for priming. This prep includes making sure all dents are fixed, areas not to be primed are covered with paper, and the parts to be primed are thoroughly cleaned. Dirt and oil prevent the primer from sticking properly to the surface.

Make sure all the things you need are available and within easy reach.

Put on all your safety gear, except the mask. The mask is only necessary when applying the primer.

Fill a container with half paint thinner and half single primer. This ratio is what you'd typically use for etch primer, but some paint products have their own recommendations. Primer has a ratio of 2 to 1.

Mix thoroughly together with a paint stick. Car paint primer needs to well mixed in order to work. A well-mixed primer will adhere better and harden to create the desired wet look.


  • check It's always good to refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paint, primer or paint thinner.
  • check Make sure primer is mixed and applied in a properly ventilated area that's clean and dust free.

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