How to Mix Car Paint

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Auto paint is very expensive; if you choose to mix it, it's going to cut down on the overall cost of the paint job. Mixing the paint is not difficult and doesn't require any special tools.

Gather the supplies that you need to mix the paint. You'll need to buy the auto paint color that matches your car as well as a reducer. You should also have a container on hand that you can use to hold the paint.

Estimate the amount of paint that you need for the auto paint job. If you have no idea, you can mix the paint as you go along instead of at one sitting.

Pour the paint into a clean container. You'll use the container to hold the paint mixture until you transfer it.

Add the reducer. You add the same measure of reducer as paint to the mixture. For example, if you measured out 8 oz. of paint, you'll put in 8 oz. of reducer.

Mix the two together with a paint stirrer. Make sure that the paint is thoroughly mixed with the reducer before proceeding.

Transfer the paint into the paint gun. At this point, you can use a funnel and fill up your paint gun with the paint. You're now ready to paint the car.


  • check If you're concerned about mixing the paint, ask for advice from the store where you purchased the auto paint.
  • check Before you mix the paint, you'll want to get the car ready to receive the paint. This includes sanding and washing the vehicle.

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