Mercedes E430 Problems

by Andrea Stein

Introduced in 1995 and discontinued in 2002, The Mercedes-Benz E430 is a special addition luxury car manufactured by German automaker Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz E430 can experience operational problems that often can be resolved via some basic troubleshooting checks.

Loose Shifter Lever

A loose shifter lever, accompanied by a clanging sound when shifting gears, may be caused by bad lever bushings, which insert into the lever housing to provide an area of contact that allows controlled movement of the lever. These bushings can crack and fall apart in the Mercedes-Benz E430 over time, resulting in loose shifting. Replace the shifter lever and remove any broken parts.

Floor Vibrations

Damaged driveshaft flex discs, which act as the attachment point between the drive shaft and transmission, can cause vibrations in the floor of the Mercedes-Benz E430. Inspect the flex disc for splitting or reinforcement fibers sticking out. Replace the flex discs to correct the vibration problem.

Engine Won’t Start

If the engine in a Mercedes-Benz E430 cranks but fails to start or runs rough, a bad crankshaft position sensor may be to blame. A failed crankshaft position sensor may not properly record the rate of crankshaft rotation, information the engine control unit needs to control fuel injection and ignition. Inspect the crankshaft position sensor for damage or loose connections and make the necessary adjustments or replacements.

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