Mazda Miata 5 Speed Transmission Fluid Specs

by Mike Southern
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Mazda Miatas are not just fun to drive -- they are also relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain. Regular replacement of the fluid in your five-speed manual transmission helps keep your Miata running dependably.

Gear Performance Spec

Automotive gear lubricants must handle all the power demands placed on them by rapidly-turning gears without breaking down. The two-gear performance specifications that Mazda recommends for use in its five-speed manual transmissions are API Service GL-4 and API Service GL-5. Either is acceptable.

SAE Spec

Miatas use a multi-viscosity fluid for better performance in climates where temperatures may change significantly. This allows a single type of fluid to be used all year. Mazda recommends SAE 75W-90 multi-viscosity transmission fluid.


Mazda lists the five-speed manual transmission sump's oil capacity as 2.1 quarts, which is the same as 1.8 imperial quarts or 2.0 liters. However, it is not unusual for the transmission to be full with only 1.8 or 1.9 quarts.

Change Frequency

All lubricants eventually break down. Even if you use the correct fluid in your transmission, it will not do any good if it is used for too long. Mazda's standard maintenance schedule calls for the transmission fluid to be changed every 30,000 miles.

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