Mazda Overdrive Problems

by WilliamHanz
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Mazda cars and trucks are known for their speed and efficiency, and they are among the top-rated vehicles for long trips involving interstate traveling. Of course, drivers would like to increase fuel efficiency during these trips, and they can do just that by keeping the overdrive setting on. While typically reliable, like any feature of an automobile, the overdrive option is subject to problems.


Mazda owners sometimes complain of the overdrive light flashing while the automobile is in use. The light may blink continuously, even if the driver is maintaining average speeds when the panel light should remain steady. Additionally, Mazda drivers report issues with being unable to manually turn off the overdrive feature, sometimes causing further issues as a result of the overuse of overdrive including fuel transmission problems.


Overdrive issues involving Mazda vehicles do not necessarily have to deal with fuel transmission problems. When driving at constant speed, yet experiencing the constant blinking of the overdrive light, the problem often lies within the vehicle's computer controls. A good way to test the overdrive is by counting how many gear shifts your car makes in increasing speeds while overdrive is being used. When you turn the overdrive off and your gear doesn't make a downshift, this indicates that the problem is the transmission, not the computer controls.


Overdrive problems with Mazda vehicles can be difficult to detect unless you are consistently driving long distances in which the top gear is frequently used, such as on the highway. The effects of defective overdrives, however, can lead to engine damage and less efficient gas mileage, so it is important to address any suspicions promptly.


If you think that your Mazda overdrive problem only has to deal with the computer controls, you may reset the engine control unit (ECU) by removing the negative cable from the battery for 15 minutes. If the overdrive light remains steady and refrains from flashing, the problem was resolved by the reset. You may also check the engine's fluid level to see if it has to be refilled or lubricated as lack of fluid can be the cause of the problem as well.


Since defective overdrives cause greater engine problems, it is imperative that you bring your car to a Mazda service center so it can be properly diagnosed and repaired. By doing this, you not only refresh your engine's fuel transmission, but will also your vehicle to drive at greater speed without using excessive gas. This will not only save you time and money, but also allow you to enjoy optimum driving performance.

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