How to Make a Wheelie Bar for a Motorcycle

by Luke Kim
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Drag motorcycles use wheelie bars to help prevent the bikes from looping over when they go at high speeds. When you're building a motorcycle wheelie bar you want to make sure it is strong enough to withstand the amount of force your motor will exert on it. The process of building your own wheelie bar is really simple and will take at most an afternoon.

Step 1

Hammer the two ends of each of the four stainless steel bars poles flat. Drill a 1-inch hole in the center of each of the flat ends.

Step 2

Thread the bolt through the holes in two of the poles. The bolt will act as an axle for now. Slide the poles down so that they are touching each other and the poles are pointing in the same direction. Slowly rotate one pole away from the other pole perpendicular to the bolt until there is a 20 degree angle between the poles. Twist one nut down the bolt and tighten. The flat parts of the poles are now all the way down the bolt and held tight between the head of the bolt and the nut. The project should now resemble a V with a bolt sticking out the bottom.

Step 3

Slide the tube down the bolt until it is as far as it will go. The end of the tube should be up against the bolt on the far side. Slide the wheel down the tube. Twist a nut down the bolt and tighten it against the stainless steel tube.

Step 4

Slide the other two poles' holes through the bolt and align them parallel to the first two poles. Twist the last nut down and tighten. The wheelie bar should now resemble two V's with a wheel between them, connected by the bolt.

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