How to Make Parking Brake Adjustments in a Honda Accord

by Editorial Team

When you need to adjust the parking brake on your Honda Accord, skip the mechanic with these simple instructions. Adjust your Honda Accord parking brake when the car starts to slip down the hill in park position. Gain a sense of accomplishment fixing your car. Raise the rear of your car to assist in the adjustment.

Step 1

Remove the center console cover around the parking brake lever located inside the car between the driver's seat and the front passenger seat.

Step 2

Turn the adjuster nut with your wrench or pliers located at the end of the parking brake cable rod, to loosen the adjuster nut. Make sure it doesn't come off the end of the parking brake cable rod.

Step 3

Raise your Honda Accord rear wheels in the air using your jack and support both rear wheels with your jack stands.

Step 4

Pull up on the parking brake handle for two notches or clicks. Tighten the adjuster nut until there is a slight resistance on the rear wheels when they are spun.

Step 5

Release the parking brake lever. Verify the rear wheels do not have resistance and are able to spin freely.

Step 6

Pull up on the parking brake lever three to five notches and verify the rear wheels do not turn at all.

Step 7

Lower your Honda Accord using the jack and remove the jack stands from the rear wheels.

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