How to Make My Jetta Go Faster

by Ricky Andromeda
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The Volkswagen Jetta is a highly efficient, mid-range sedan that performs well at high speeds. Still, if you have a need for speed, there are ways to make your Jetta go faster with some simple aftermarket modifications. The Jetta can be modified to go faster than it does straight out of the factory, but any changes to make a car faster can drastically reduce the lifespan of your car.

Step 1

Use premium gasoline in your Jetta to attain higher speeds. While higher octane fuel will not drastically increase your speed, the engine performs better when it burns premium fuel.

Step 2

Eliminate extra weight in your Jetta to maximize fuel efficiency and get more speed. You can buy carbon fiber hoods, trunks and other car parts to decrease the weight of your vehicle.

Step 3

Install a cold air intake system to maximize the potential for air-fuel compression. You can buy aftermarket intake systems that bolt directly onto your factory intake system in a few hours with relatively simple tools. Cold air and induction intake systems increase your Jetta's performance and horsepower.

Step 4

Buy a high-performance chip to install in your Jetta's computer brain to maximize the efficiency of the engine and make your car go faster.

Step 5

Install a turbocharger or supercharger to get the most out of the engine. A supercharger uses the exhaust gases and fumes to generate extra energy and horsepower.

Step 6

Use nitrous oxide canisters to give your Jetta an extra boost. Check with your local authorities for laws on nitrous oxide systems. Nitrous oxide systems inject nitrous oxide into your fuel system to increase horsepower and acceleration.

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