How Long Does a DUI Stay on a DMV Record?

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Getting charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is a bad experience that most people just want to put behind them. But how long will a DUI stay on your record? Different states have different rules on expunging records.


While many states specify that a DUI will be removed from your driving record after a certain period of years, in other states, a DUI can stay on your driving record indefinitely.

Check your Driving Record

If you're unsure of whether or not a DUI is still on your driving record, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles about obtaining a copy of your driving record.

Expunging the DUI

If you were a first time offender or have no other criminal offenses pending, you may be eligible to have your record expunged. Contact a DUI attorney and check your state's laws (see Resources).


In some states, you won't need a DUI attorney. You'll have to fill out a small amount of paperwork, submit it, and your DUI will be expunged.


Most employers will only ask for a driving record that covers the past two to three years. If you were convicted of a DUI more than three years ago, your employer probably won't see your DUI even if it hasn't been expunged from your record.

Some State Laws

According to, in California a DUI will stay on your driving record for 10 years and cannot be expunged before that time period has passed. According the same website, a DUI will stay on your record for a lifetime in the state of Illinois.

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