The Location of the Parking Brake Wire on a Chevy Truck

by Jack Hathcoat
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Chevy pickups have a parking brake warning light on the dashboard to let the driver know if the parking brake is set. The parking brake pedal, at the far lower-left side of the driver, is foot operated and has a release handle just below the bottom of the lower-left dash. The warning light serves a dual purpose, being also tied in with the brake master cylinder warning system. If the brake fluid is low, the light will also turn on.

Step 1

Shine a flashlight under the drivers dashboard, near the top of foot pedal for the emergency brake. The emergency brake mechanism is a gear and ratchet arrangement that locks in place when the emergency brake pedal is pushed. It is bolted to the inside of the cab and sets very high up making it difficult to see the top of the gear.

Step 2

Look near the top of the gear for a single, black wire that plugs into a small switch with a copper contact. The contact completes the ground circuit by touching the gear when the emergency brake is set as the pedal is depressed.

Step 3

Clean and adjust the contact to improve the connection if the light is not working. Over time, the copper contact oxidizes and lightly abrading the surface with sandpaper improves the connection.

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