A List of Six-Passenger Sedans

by Lana Bradstream

Sedans that hold six people, also known as full-sized cars, are ideal for couples with children or for those who do a lot of carpooling for school or work. Six average-sized people should fit into the vehicle easily. If there are less than six, there's more elbow and leg room for everyone.

Buick LaCrosse

The 2006 Buick LaCrosse is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a V-6 engine. One of the seats in the back can be folded down for a storage area and armrest. The vehicle has a soft suspension so the ride is smooth. It also features a CD player with six speakers, power windows and locks, and a remote control locking mechanism.

Chevrolet Impala

The 2002 Chevrolet Impala can hold six people and features a V-6 engine. The government gave the vehicle five stars in front crash test ratings and four stars in side crash test ratings. The rear windshield features a defogger and there's also a remote control unlocking system and a digital clock that automatically changes when you cross time zones.

Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria is a popular police vehicle across the country. The 2003 version of the car offers a smooth ride for all six passengers and more support in the seats for thighs and lower backs. The V-8 engine vehicle also sports 20 cubic feet of room in the trunk. There's a rear windshield defroster for bad weather days, a cassette player in the radio and cruise control.

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