List of Approved Traffic Schools in California

by Mark Nero

Motorists in California required to complete a traffic school course have literally hundreds of locations throughout the state from which to choose. The state Department of Motor Vehicles tracks and lists all accredited traffic schools in California, and the journey to finding a school or group of schools begins at the DMV's website.

List of Schools

The California motor vehicle department's website is the definitive source for a comprehensive, up-to-date list of approved California traffic schools. The list, updated monthly, includes the name and phone number of each school, as well as other information, such as the fees to attend the school. The list of approved traffic schools sorts alphabetically by county and subsequently by city in each county.

Licensing Status

After finding a school or schools of interest on the list, check its licensing status online to ensure the school still operates in good standing with the state. Visit the California DMV's "Occupational License Status Information System" page and search for the school. After clicking the "Search" button, a page appears that includes a disclaimer and legal notice that you'll have to agree to in order to proceed. Read the agreement and then click "I Agree" if you wish to continue.

Locating a School

After agreeing to the terms, a new page appears. Near the top of the page, note that it directs you to choose a business category to continue. Pick "Traffic Violator School" from the options in the pull-down list and then enter the school's name. Alternatively, if you don't have the name of a school, enter a city and zip code. Next, click the "Get License Information" button.

License Information

The resulting page that appears has information on a specific business, if you entered a name, or instead it lists all the traffic schools with the city and zip code you entered. If presented with a list of traffic schools, click the link associated with the business to see the details associated with the business. The info generally includes the school's name, its street and mailing address, phone number, owner's name and business license number, among other information.

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