How to Limit Speed on a Child's ATV

by Editorial Team

A key safety factor in child ATV usage is controlling the maximum speed of the vehicle. By using a speed limiter on the ATV, a parent can match the maximum speed to the child's ability. This simple safety measure can reduce injury by keeping the vehicle more effectively under the child's control. Read on to learn more.

Step 1

Set the ATV throttle control. Find a small screw sticking out near the right brake lever. This is the throttle limiting screw. Loosen the nut to the end of the screw. This enables the setting to change.

Step 2

Twist the screw in to reduce the speed capabilities of the machine. The further you tighten the screw, the slower the machine's maximum speed. (You can loosen it again later, when your child is ready for a faster ATV).

Step 3

Tighten the jam nut to set the throttle limiting screw. It's not necessary to use a wrench to clamp it down; hand-tightening (by an adult) is strong enough for the job.

Step 4

Add an exhaust restrictor plate. By restricting the exhaust's air flow, this simple plate can greatly reduce the speed of an ATV. Check with your local ATV dealer to find the plate that fits your particular model. If the part is unavailable for your machine, you can fabricate one without much difficulty. However, you must take an exact center hole measurement from a restrictor designed for an equal-sized engine and exhaust combination.

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