Kubota Engine Torque Specs

by TS JordanUpdated September 29, 2017

Diesel is not a preferred fuel in general, but diesel engines carry some advantages, including better fuel economy and a stronger torque delivery. Understanding the torque specifications of the Kubota diesel engine for tractors allows you to make a more informed purchase decision, as torque is the acceleration force that gets your vehicle up and moving.

Redline Torque

The redline torque of the Kubota engine is where the engine pulls weakest, producing only a total of 37 foot-pounds when the throttle is opened to the full 3,600 rpm maximum.

Peak Torque

Peak torque of the Kubota engine arrives earlier at 2,400 rpm on the tachometer, producing a total of 41 foot-pounds, along with 19.5 horsepower at the time.

Torque Curve

The relatively low dropoff between the low-end redline torque and the peak torque figures--only a difference of four foot-pounds--indicates a fairly linear torque curve, meaning that the Kubota engine will be able to pull and accelerate cleanly from almost any part of the rev range, even under towing load.

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