How to Keep a Traffic Ticket Off a Record

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Whether you're caught speeding, driving without a seatbelt, expired inspection sticker, improper turn or a broken tail lamp, moving citations can be very costly. The fine is expensive with lost time from work to take care of it. Your auto insurance premiums could increase and multiple violations can result in license suspension.

Request that the court let you complete a driving safety course. These can be done in a classroom setting, over the Internet or by a DVD rental from a local video store. The court will usually allow up to two months to take the course.

Take the driving safety course and pass the written test. These courses cost around $25. This will be in addition to any "administrative fees" that the court will charge to allow you to take the course. Successful completion will also qualify you for a 10 percent reduction or discount on your auto liability insurance from some insurance companies.

Inquire about deferred adjudication. This is a temporary probation that promises to keep the citation off your driving record as long as you don't get any other traffic tickets within a specified time. 90 days is the typical amount of time for probation, but it could take as long as 6 months. Again, there will be the court cost or administrative fees charged to participate in the adjudication.


  • check Be sure to take your driving safety course with plenty of time to spare. You do not want to be in the position to need the class because your deadline is the next day.

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