How to Keep a Black Car Clean

by Editorial Team

Many people view the color black on a car as classy. No matter the make or model, this color to many provides the car with a certain sleekness that other colors can’t provide. However, while this may be a fun color to own, you may have discovered that it is difficult to keep clean, as any imperfection or debris shows up instantly.

Step 1

Take your car to a hands-free washing station. These are the most gentle way to wash your black car and get the dirt and grime from the road off. Car washes that offer to wash by hand are a riskier move, since you cannot guarantee how much care and touch will be put into the wash. Hand car washes often use rags that are used and re-used. After time these rags leave remnants of the rags on the vehicles they dry. These fibers show up on black cars more easily than on cars of other colors.

Step 2

Wax your black car regularly. A good rule of thumb is to wax it after each wash. Wax helps to keep dirt and grime off the car, add shine and luster and cover up any scratches that may already be in the paint. Follow the wax’s direction to properly apply for maximum results.

Step 3

Wash your car by hand if you do not wish to pay for a hands-free wash. Unlike many car washes, you can be certain that you will put the love and attention into your car that is necessary to keep it clean. Begin by thoroughly soaking the car to help float off any stubborn dirt.

Step 4

Use a soft brush with soap and water to work the hard-to-reach places on the car, such as the collected bugs on the grill and the road tar built up under the doors.

Step 5

Finish your wash by using a sponge with soap and water. One important idea is to have a clean water bucket and a dirty water bucket to ensure you will avoid swirls on the black paint.

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