Jeep Liberty Engine Problems

by Amy Derby

Engine problems in Jeep Liberties have led to a safety recall due to the possibility of engine fires. On July 2, 2004, DaimlerChrysler Corporation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a recall of 1,600 Jeep Liberty vehicles for engine problems.

Engine Defect

Certain Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicles equipped with 3.7L engines were recalled for engine-related manufacturing defects that could lead to serious problems. Two valve cover studs on these vehicles could interfere with the fuel injector and alternator wiring harness, according to NHTSA.

Safety Risk

Due to this safety hazard, the NHTSA warns that a fire could start under the hood as a result of damage to the alternator wiring harness. Registered vehicle owners were notified of the safety recall beginning July 19, 2004, and instructed on where to bring the vehicles for repair to avoid the risk of a fire.


Authorized dealers were instructed to add protective caps to the valve cover studs and re-route the affected wiring harness to provide clearance, according to the manufacturer and NHTSA. Consumers who purchased second-hand vehicles or who are otherwise concerned about whether they may have been affected by the Jeep Liberty engine-related recall may contact the NHTSA for more information. Refer to recall number 04V337000.

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