How to Jack Up a Dual Axle Trailer

by Shelly Schumacher

Knowing how to properly jack up your dual axle trailer can save you time in an emergency situation. It can also keep you and the contents of the trailer safe. While you can use a heavy-duty jack designed to lift the tonnage of your dual axle trailer, there are tools and methods that will make the job easier, quicker and safer. If you regularly tow a dual axle trailer, consider keeping one of these handy towing aids in your trailer at all times.

Step 1

Position the trailer on a hard, level surface with the tow vehicle and trailer aligned.

Step 2

Place a tire ramp designed for dual axle trailers in front of the tire. If you are replacing a flat tire, the ramp should be in front of the good tire.

Step 3

Pull the trailer forward if you need to remove the rear tire, or do the reverse if the front tire is flat. Keep driving slowly until the good tire is securely at the top of the tire ramp cradle.

Step 4

Place the vehicle in park and put on the parking brake once the trailer wheel is jacked up.

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