Interstate L-16 Battery Specs

by Steve Johnson

An L-16 battery is a category of vehicle batteries which use renewable energy systems and are of mid-range battery power, between a golf cart and heavy duty industrial battery, usually found in cars, trucks, and SUVs. The Interstate Battery System of America is one of several companies that produce L-16 batteries. Its L-16 battery--also known as the UL-16--has widespread use as a durable and economical choice to consumers.


The Interstate UL16 is a vented, 6-volt, 380Ah, L-16 type battery. It has a life expectancy that ranges between five to seven years, and has an 80 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD) for 300 cycles. The UL16 is made using multiple rib separators with additional ribs, enabling it to give maximum cycling performance. Patented plate technology provides a higher capacity, as well as more battery cycles, which allow the UL16 to have a longer life. The UL16HC, a High Capacity variant of the UL16, has an extra 10 percent of amp hours with the same physical specifications. The UL16 has a standard Ah Capacity of 380 at 20 hours, while the UL16HC has an Ah Capacity of 420 at 20 hours.

Physical Specifications

Both UL16 variants have an overall length of 11.88 inches, a width of 7.12 inches, and a height of 17 inches. The UL16 weighs 110 pounds, while the HC variant weighs 118 pounds. Their grids are made using a lower antimony alloy, giving them better resistance to excessive water loss and over-charging. They also require little need for additional water because their cases are designed to handle more electrolytes.

Technology and Pricing

Interstate L16s are made using the patented Cystalock plate curing process, which increases the battery’s life and reduces battery paste breakdown. They also last longer because they are made using an antinium alloy, making them more resistant to grid corrosion. UL16 batteries are also equipped with the SpeedCap design, allowing a person to open all three battery vents with just one twist. As of 2010, a UL16 costs about $274, while the UL16HC is around $300.

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