Instructions for a Jacobs Electronics Energy Pak

by Gus Stephens
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The Jacobs Energy Pak is a digitally controlled, capacitive discharge, electronic ignition system for street or race use. It features a user-definable top end rev limiter. Under conditions of high demand, a full throttle mode and acceleration mode ramp up spark output. The Energy Pak is fully encapsulated to resist moisture and vibration and is suitable for high performance and off-highway applications. An array of optional wiring harnesses specific to particular vehicles can be ordered separately and utilized for plug-and-play installation. The basic installation kit supplied with the Energy pak provides a standard connection for most models. The Jacobs Energy Pak requires prior removal of stock OEM ignition coil and replacement with a CD compatible coil.

Basic Connection Kit Schematic

Step 1

Connect the two heavy 12 gauge red and black wires directly to the 12-volt battery terminals: Red to the positive (+) terminal, black to the negative (-) terminal.

Step 2

Connect the smaller gauge red wire to one terminal of the supplied terminal block. Wire its corresponding terminal to the ignition switch at the positive terminal on the switch where the OEM factory ignition coil wire was previously connected.

Step 3

Connect the green wire to the other terminal of the supplied terminal strip. Wire its corresponding terminal to the ignition module at the negative terminal where the OEM factory ignition coil wire previously connected to the module.

Step 4

Connect the smaller gauge black wire to the negative terminal of a CD compatible ignition coil.

Step 5

Connect the white wire to the positive terminal of a CD compatible ignition coil.

Step 6

Tape off the ends of the orange and purple wires not used in basic connection.

Step 7

Connect the brown wire to an optional aftermarket tachometer. If one is not used, tape off the end of the wire to prevent grounding.

Adjusting And Configuring The Rev Limiter

Step 1

Adjust the rev limiter by turning the rotary switches on the Energy Pak unit base plate to the proper setting using a small flat-head screwdriver. The rev limiter is shipped in the off position (both rotary switches turned to 0). The left rotary switch (closest to the large wire hole) represents 1000 RPMs. The right switch (next to the smaller wire hole) represent 100 RPMS. Set the 1000 switch to 7 and the 100 switch to 5 for an example rev limit of 7500 RPM.

Step 2

Cut one or both of the black and white tracer wire loops located on the end plate of the Energy Pak to configure the rev limiter for use on either four- or six-cylinder engines. For four-cylinder operation, cut both loops in half. Cut either loop in half for six-cylinder operation. For eight-cylinder engines, leave both loops intact.

Step 3

Tape off the ends of any cut tracer wire loops to prevent them from shorting with each other or grounding.

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