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How to Install a Toyota Camry EGR Valve

by Dan Ferrell

The Engine Management System (EMS) on your Toyota Camry uses the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve not only to reduce combustion temperatures and fuel consumption, but also to allow a controlled amount of exhaust gas into the intake manifold to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Oxides of nitrogen, released in high quantities into the atmosphere, contribute to the production of ozone in smog, which is a major eye and respiratory irritant. Thus, a bad EGR on your Camry will not only affect engine performance, but also increase harmful emissions.


Disconnect and remove the EGR pipe and the two gaskets at each end. Use a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. If you have a 2.2-liter engine, skip this step and go to Step 4.

Remove the connector and clamp from the EGR gas temperature sensor. Use the ratchet and socket.

Remove the Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) control hose from the hook located on the EGR valve.

Unplug the vacuum hose or hoses from the EGR valve.

Detach the EGR valve using a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Remove the EGR valve and gasket from the engine compartment.


Set the new EGR valve and new gasket in place.

Start the EGR valve mounting bolts and/or nuts by hand, then tighten the bolts and/or nuts using the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Plug the vacuum hose or hoses to the EGR valve.

Attach the EVAP control hose to the hook located on the EGR valve.

Attach the connector and clamp to the EGR gas temperature sensor using the ratchet and socket.

Connect the EGR pipe and two new gaskets at each end. Use the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.


  • If you need help locating and identifying components on your particular Camry model, consult you vehicle's service manual. You may buy one at your local auto parts store or consult one at your local public library.


  • The exhaust system on your Toyota Camry reaches very high temperatures in the first few minutes of engine operation. Make sure this system has cooled before trying to remove the EGR valve to avoid serious skin burns.

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