How to Install Roll Pans

by Aryeh Raphael

A roll pan is a fascia panel that is installed on low-bed trucks after the factory standard bumpers are removed. A roll pan is smooth and flat against the truck instead of protruding from the rear the way the bumper does. You can install roll pans on your truck to get the customized look that you want with a few basic tools. The process is fairly simple, but you should dedicate some time to the job so you aren't rushing to complete it because you need to use your truck.

Step 1

Open the tailgate of your truck and release the straps that hold it up. Bring the tailgate toward you until you can lift it up and off the truck. The pins on the hinge of the tailgate have a flat side that lines up with the flat side of the socket the pin is in.

Step 2

Remove the license plate with a screwdriver. Release the bolts in the well of the license plate. The bolts are driven into the bumper.

Step 3

Go underneath the truck and pull out the taillight wiring from the connections.

Step 4

Remove the nuts holding the rear bumper brackets onto the underside of the truck using a wrench. You may want to shine a flashlight under the truck while you are working so you can see what you are doing. Pull the rear bumper off the truck.

Step 5

Fit the lower edge clips over the end panel of the truck and slowly push it until it is lined up along the top edge with the bed of the truck.

Step 6

Hold the roll pan in place with a piece of masking tape and put the tailgate back on the truck. Move the roll pan around until you are sure it is in the exact position you want. Remove the tailgate again.

Step 7

Insert screws through the drilled holes along the top edge with a power drill. Drive an additional screw into the lower corners of the pan. This is to test-fit the pan before painting and installing.

Step 8

Take the screws out and remove the roll pan. Place the license plate light on the roll pan and screw it in place.

Step 9

Remove the light and screws. Paint the roll pan however you want. Let it dry completely before installing.

Step 10

Replace the roll pan on the end of the truck. Reinsert all of the screws, making sure they are tight. Reattach the license plate light.

Step 11

Put the tailgate back on. Reconnect the wiring under the truck.

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