How to Install the Anti Rattle Clip on Brake Pads

by Chris Gilliland
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The primary intention of an anti-rattle clip or spring is to prevent a motorcycle's brake pads from moving excessively within the brake caliper. Without one of these little devices, your motorcycle would sound like it had a sock full of quarters tied to each wheel. Luckily, modern motorcycles come equipped with these clips, which means that they must be removed and reinstalled every time you change brake pads. Don't worry: installing the anti-rattle clip is a simple task.

Step 1

Unbolt the brake caliper from its mounting point using a socket wrench. Turn the caliper over and remove the brake pad retaining pins with a screwdriver. Pull the brake pads out of the caliper and discard them.

Step 2

Place the anti-rattle clip between the new brake pads. Align the holes on the brake pads' metal backing plates with the loops on the anti-rattle clip.

Step 3

Press the brake caliper pistons into the caliper housing using a flat head screwdriver and slip the brake pads and anti-rattle clip into the caliper.

Step 4

Align the holes on the brake pads' metal backing plates with the holes on the brake caliper. Check that the anti-rattle clip loops are lined up with the brake pad holes. Insert the retaining pins through the caliper, brake pads and anti-rattle clip loops. Tighten the retaining pins down with a screwdriver

Step 5

Reinstall the brake caliper onto the motorcycle.

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