How to Install a Ford Thermostat

by Nathaniel Miller
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Installing a Ford thermostat can be necessary due to a number of reasons. Your old thermostat may have gone bad and is now sticking open or closed constantly. You also may be looking for added performance by installing a lower temperature thermostat which can keep your engine running cooler and boost your horsepower slightly. Ford thermostats are located inside the engine intake and a bit of a bear to install, however most any home mechanic can get the job done.

Step 1

Crawl under the Ford vehicle and locate the radiator drain plug which should be on the lower portion of the radiator on the passenger's side of the vehicle. Use the pliers to grasp the wings on the nut to screw the nut counterclockwise into the radiator.

Step 2

Slide the catch pan under the drain plug and allow the radiator fluid to drain out of the radiator until the level is below that of the thermostat housing located on the engine directly next to the radiator on the front, driver's side of the car. The housing will be a cylindrical metal housing with two bolts holding it and a hose into the engine.

Step 3

Use the ratchet wrench to remove the bolts holding the hose onto the housing. Pull the hose out of the housing, being careful to avoid splashing the antifreeze into your eyes as you do so.

Step 4

Remove the bolts holding the thermostat housing onto the engine and pull the housing off of the engine block. Pull the thermostat out of the engine intake and install the new thermostat, paying careful attention to the orientation so that it matches the old thermostat.

Step 5

Reinstall the housing bolts and slide the hose back in place as well. Install the hose mounting bolts and make sure the radiator drain plug is retightened. Uncap the radiator and pour in antifreeze until it is within an inch of the radiator cap. Turn the car on and let any air bubbles work their way out of the system. Refill the radiator with radiator fluid and take the car for a test drive.

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