How to Install a Bumper Cover

by Jenny Carver

Bumper covers are what most people think of when they think about a bumper on a vehicle. Actual bumpers are usually a small, 4 or 6-inch square tube of metal padded by a thick Styrofoam strip. The plastic bumper cover is what attaches to the vehicle, and adds to the look and shape of the vehicle while hiding the real bumper. Installing a bumper cover is a simple process no matter what type of vehicle you have.

Place the bumper cover on the ground beneath the bumper, laying it on a towel or blanket to protect it from scratches. Line it up closely so you don't have to move it around much. Bumper covers are very light, but very awkward to handle.

Make sure there are plastic clips, which look similar to bolts or screws, along the edges of the bumper cover. These are needed to attach the bumper cover to the car, and are normally included when purchasing a bumper cover.

Pick the bumper cover up, start on one side of the vehicle and line up the clips with the holes in the car's sheet metal. This works best if you have someone to help by supporting the other side of the bumper cover.

Press the clips into the corresponding holes in the car. The holes should have a plastic surround inside them for the clips to snap into place. Press the clips until they snap, then move to the next one.

Look for any small holes in the bumper cover once all of the clips have been snapped into place. These holes need screws, and are usually located on the front of the car around the area where the hood latch is located. The hood must be opened for this step. Other locations are inside the wheel wells directly in front of the tires. The screws help hold the plastic wheel well lining to the edge of the bumper cover.

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