How to Install a Block Heater on a Tundra

by Sameca Pandova
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Engine block heaters provide plug-in heat to the engine block of a vehicle, keeping the block, coolant and oil warm in cold weather. This improves cold weather starts, reducing cold weather engine wear, and allows the vehicle's cabin to warm faster. Installation of an engine block heater is a simple and straightforward affair on a Toyota Tundra since all Tundras are designed to accept a dry-type block heater. The heater kit is available for sale from Toyota parts suppliers.

Step 1

Park your truck and make sure the engine is cold.

Step 2

Locate the exhaust on the driver's side of the engine underneath the driver's side door. Immediately behind the driver side exhaust header there is a factory designed hole for the block heater, with an electrical connection mounted beneath it.

Step 3

Apply thermal grease to the heating element and insert into the engine hole, making sure to squeeze some thermal grease into the hole itself. Note that the clip on the heating element should line up with the retaining clip on the engine block. Note while doing this by hand, it will require force for complete insertion.

Step 4

Feed the power cord from the front of the truck to the heating element, then plug the connector in at the heating element. Decide where you want the plug to sit (by the front grille, or accessible from the top of the engine with the hood open). Secure the wiring to the body with zip ties, making sure that the power cord does not interfere with any belts or the radiator fans.

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