How to Increase Mileage on a Dodge Cummins

by Mark Nero
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Dodge has a series of trucks that are powered by a type of diesel engine that's been designed, made and sold by Indiana-based Cummins Inc. since the 1980s. Dodge's most well-known series of Cummins engine vehicles is the Dodge Ram brand. There are some simple, common-sense ways to increase the mileage of Dodge Cummins-powered trucks without resorting to any kind of mechanical work.

Step 1

Drop excess weight from the vehicle to improve the truck's wind resistance. Remove any unnecessary heavy equipment and accessories, like bike racks, bowling balls, oversized tires and sports gear, which can weigh the vehicle down and reduce the number of miles per gallon the truck gets.

Step 2

Get regular oil changes. Dirty engine oil can affect Cummins engines in Dodge trucks, causing them to work harder and burn more fuel in the process.

Step 3

Check and adjust the tire pressure as needed. Underinflated tires can increase the amount of work the Cummins engine puts in, thus burning more fuel. The recommended maximum pressure is printed on the sidewall of most tires.

Step 4

Replace dirty air filters. A dirty air filter can restrict air flow in Dodge trucks, which wastes energy and affects fuel performance.

Step 5

Drive more sensibly. Avoid aggressive driving actions, such as speeding, rapid acceleration and quick braking, which all waste gas. Also, watch your speed and obey speed limits. Gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 MPH in a Cummins-powered Dodge.

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