How to Improve the MPG of a Ford 5.0

by Melanie Fleury

A Ford 5.0 refers to the engine that has been placed in the Ford Mustang since 2007. The 5.0 was designed by Ford with the Mustang specifically in mind, and it replaces the 4.6L and 5.4L engines. Typically, the 5.0 gets between 14 and 16 miles per gallon during city driving, and 22 to 24 on highways. If you want to improve your fuel efficiency, there are some steps you can take.

Step 1

Drive on highways and avoid city driving when possible. "Stop-and-go driving," also referred to as "jackrabbit starts," can cost you up to five percent in fuel efficiency. The miles per gallon that a 5.0 has show a difference of up to six miles per gallon when comparing city and highway driving. When on highways, stay in posted speed limits. Fuel efficiency drops at speeds faster than 60 miles per hour.

Step 2

Remove any excess weight from your 5.0. Do not carry around excess items in the trunk if possible. An additional 100 pounds on your 5.0 can reduce the fuel economy up to two percent. Avoid putting items on top of your car, as this can also affect your aerodynamics. The wind resistance can decrease your miles per gallon by up to five percent.

Step 3

Use the appropriate type of gas for your 5.0. Using a higher octane does not give any added benefits to your car. A 5.0 with a eight-cylinder engine requires premium gas. Those with a six-cylinder engine need regular unleaded.

Step 4

Maintain your car properly. Keeping tires inflated to the proper pressure level can increase your miles per gallon by three percent. Oil changes at recommended periods, every 3,000 miles for the 5.0, and regular tune ups can average a four percent increase in fuel efficiency. Changing your air filter can up your fuel economy up to ten percent.

Step 5

Avoid using products that claim to save gas. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested over 100 products and found that very few provide any benefits. Those that do only had marginal improvements.

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