How to Improve MPG on a Diesel

by Gregory Crews

Diesel motors are long-running and very simple to maintain . A diesel motor is generally rated from 500,000 miles to more than 1 million miles, and still can be running as well as it did off the showroom floor. Maintaining a diesel motor is not as complicated as a gas-powered motor, and these simple maintenance and operation tips will provide better fuel efficiency and more power than a gasoline-driven vehicle.

Improving miles per gallon in a diesel motor

Step 1

Change the air filter. The air filter is very important to the smooth and economical operation of a diesel motor. The engine relies on air combustion to properly utilize the fuel that is being injected into the motor. Make sure you inspect the air filter at every service interval. Look for dirt or debris inside the filter. Replace if filter is discolored or there is an excess of debris.

Step 2

Replace your fuel filters at every service interval. The filters will isolate any debris that gets sucked up by the fuel pump and could cause premature deterioration to your motor and its components.

Step 3

Drain the fuel-water separator on a regular basis. Diesel accumulates moisture in its tanks and the water mixed with the fuel can cause poor performance and sluggish acceleration.

Step 4

Adjust your idle speed down. The higher the idle, the more fuel the vehicle is consuming, as well as actually burning fuel. The black smoke you see rolling off the exhaust pipes is excess fuel.

Step 5

Observe your speed. The faster you drive, the more fuel you burn. Keep your RPMs low. The sooner you shift, the better the fuel mileage will be.

Step 6

Install aftermarket parts.The results of a larger diameter exhaust system will mean less work for the motor. Aftermarket items can consist of a performance chip to regulate a power increase. There are many aftermarket parts to consider that will provide your truck with more power, therefore using less fuel to power your diesel motor.

Step 7

Use fuel additives when you fill up at the pumps. The purpose of the additives are to clean your motor and injectors. They also provide better lubricity and boost cetane. The additives also will help to increase boost pressure and pull moisture out and trap it in the water separator. Additives are known to increase fuel economy by 8 percent.

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