How to Improve Diesel Fuel Quality

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Many people are turning to diesel fuel in the interest of helping the environment. Diesel fuel, while not completely free of polluting properties, is much cleaner than traditional fossil fuels and is readily available. In fact, even vegetable oil can be converted into diesel. However, the quality of available diesel fuels varies considerably, depending on the base ingredient in the diesel. Poor quality diesel can decrease fuel efficiency, increase pollution and damage engines.

Use additives to improve the quality of your diesel fuel. There are many different kinds of additives on the market that can do everything from enhancing the efficiency of the fuel to preventing the formation of wax crystals in cold weather. Your local auto parts store or mechanic will carry a wide range of additives from which to choose.

Purchase professionally manufactured diesel rather than trying to make your own. While you can technically make your own fuel, the quality of homemade diesel is often lacking. Unless you have a lot of experience producing your own diesel, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

Add some kerosene to your diesel fuel. The addition of kerosene can help improve the mileage you get from your fuel and will produce fewer emissions than straight diesel of poor quality.

Buy a conversion kit for the use of biodiesels. Biodiesels are diesel fuels made from all-natural ingredients, such as vegetable oil. In theory, you could run your car on biodiesel without a conversion kit, but the quality and performance of the fuel will improve considerably if you use one.

Buy your diesel fuel from a reputable bulk dealer. This is the best way to ensure you're getting quality diesel fuel for you car.


  • check Help your diesel fuel do its job by making sure your engine and all of its associated parts are in tip-top condition. This means getting regular maintenance service for your car, including tune-ups, wheel alignments, oil changes and fuel injector cleanings. When your engine is in good shape, the fuel you choose will be able to perform better.


  • close While marked diesel fuel may be of better quality than regular diesel, you should never use it unless you have a proper permit for it. If any government authorities see the residue from the dye of marked diesel in your car's engine and you don't have a permit for it, you could face some heavy fines and other legal penalties.

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