Illegal Places to Park a Car

by Rebekah Richards
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Although sometimes it can be difficult to find a parking space, parking illegally can endanger other people, slow traffic and result in a fine or your car being towed. Knowing where it is illegal to park can help you drive more safely.

Handicapped Spots

If you do not have a handicapped permit or licensed plate, it is illegal to park in a handicapped parking spot.

Fire Lanes

Parking in a fire lane is illegal and can present a safety danger in the event of a fire.

Bus Stop

Parking at a bus stop is illegal.

Tow-Away Zone

Parking in areas marked "Tow-Away Zone" is illegal and may cause your car to be towed.

Fire Hydrant

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Parking within a short distance of a fire hydrant is illegal; this also could pose a safety risk if there is a fire and emergency vehicles cannot access the fire hydrant. The distance varies according to the location, but within 10 to 15 feet of a hydrant is usually considered illegal.

Bicycle Lane

Parking your car in a bicycle lane is not legal.


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Parking in crosswalks is illegal.

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