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How to Identify an International Scout V8

by Floyd Drake III

Introduced in 1960 to compete with the Jeep CJ-series, the International Harvester Scout was one of the America's first off-road sport utility vehicles, produced until 1980. The Scout was offered with four, six and eight cylinder engine options, however, only two V-8 engines were made available on the International Harvester Scout series - the 304 and 345 cubic-inch V-8s. Although the Scout was occasionally equipped with engines manufactured by American Motors, all Scout V-8s were manufactured by International, so the International 304 cubic-inch is not to be confused with the American Motors' 304 with the same displacement.

Step 1

Open and secure the hood to access the Scout V-8, if still installed in the vehicle. Look for the distributor at the front of the engine. The distributor has a plastic cap with wires running to the individual spark plugs at each cylinder. All International V-8s have the distributor located at the front of the engine, whereas most V-8 distributors are located towards the rear of the engine.

Step 2

Locate the machined pad on the side of the engine block. On the passenger's-side of the engine, towards the front, midway down the side of the engine block, there is a flat surface, or pad. The pad is located just above the fuel pump and may need to be cleaned with a scraper, wire brush and cleaning solvent.

Identify the Scout V-8 engine displacement. Stamped on the pad is the International V-8 engine displacement, which reads either "V-304," or "V-345," identifying the 304 and 345 cubic-inch Scout V-8 engines.

Items you will need

  • Putty knife, or scraper
  • Rags
  • Wire brush
  • Cleaning solvent, such as de-greaser or brake fluid

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