Hyster Forklift Troubleshooting

by Alan Temple

Hyster is a company which professes to provide "dependable forklifts and leading warehousing solutions" and, indeed, their forklifts are popular products with storage companies and other professions which need such vehicles. The pedigree of the company will mean nothing, however, if your Hyster forklift is afflicted by overheating, poor steering control or a failure with the prong hydraulics.


Check the hydraulic levels in your Hyster forklift, as lack of hydraulic fluid can often be the reason for the prongs failing to raise or lower. Should you find the fluid levels at an acceptable level then you should check the filters on the hydraulic pump and lines, as dirt and debris on the filter can cause similar problems.


Remedy problems with inaccurate steering by examining the wheels and tires. If the tires are beginning to crack or have large chunks missing, the result will be a rough ride and reduced control. You should also consider low power steering fluid and worn gears for this problem with your Hyster's steering.


Examine the oil and air filters which are present on the Hyster forklift, given that accumulated particles can often be responsible for rough running. Clean out the filters if they appear to be obstructed.


Top up the coolant levels so that they reach the desired level for the Hyster forklift. A lack of coolant can be responsible for the machine overheating and can be simply remedied by topping up the coolant.

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